Shanghai Yike E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yike E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (Yike) was formed on the eve of the advent of the mobile Internet. It is rooted in Shanghai, the frontier city of rapid economic development in China and even in the world. By virtue of favorable conditions and the unity of all employees to forge ahead, Yike pursues technological innovation, business innovation and management innovation, and has gradually grown into a "professional company based on big data technology that takes precise promotion as its product and aims to help Customers improve marketing efficiency."

A mountain does not necessary to be high, as long as there lives a saint, it will get good fame. In the fierce market competition, Yike adheres to the two directions of leading technology and considerate service. Since the establishment, it has successively developed in-depth cooperation in the field of big data with operators, e-commerce platform companies, e-commerce thirdpartnar, advertising agencies, etc., and has achieved positive results and won their trust and respect.

Yike flexibly develops and applies various new technologies in different times, and rapidly transforms technologies into products that meet Customers' needs. It provides big data precision marketing services for dozens of renowned brands and thousands of small and medium-sized companies that are relevant to people's daily life and necessities, from industries including banking, brand e-commerce, information consulting, commercial retail and many others.